"Nothing putts smoother than glass!"

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Steelers Fan Putter 
Ray Mathews Sr. Limited Commemorative Edition  

"This yellow and black putter is a favorite of mine. It has my Dad's name on it, and brings back many fond memories of playing golf with him."

But, for longtime Steelers fans, it may also bring back memories of watching my Dad play on the team as a wide receiver and halfback from

1951-1959. Here we go Steelers, here we go!"       

 Ray Mathews Jr. 

Steelers Fan Putter      $389.95
Ray Mathews Sr. Limited
Commemorative Edition

This limited commemorative edition Glass Putter is Inscribed with the signatures of Pittsburgh Steelers great Ray Mathews Sr. and his son Ray Mathews Jr. Featuring the Steelers signature colors of gold and black, it also comes with a certificate of authenticity and a padded head cover.  


A portion of proceeds from this purchase will be donated to support research being conducted by The CTE Center at Boston University. Please follow logo link or click here for more information about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and The CTE Center. 



Since I got my GlassPutter, I put away what I THOUGHT was my favorite putter!

  Jack M.

                                                     Naples, FL





My average number of putts per round with my previous putter was 45.  My average number of putts with the GlassPutter is 35.

Doug S.

                                                    Livermore, CA

Lifetime Member

Golf Society of the U.S.


The GlassPutter strikes the ball amazingly well, requiring very little effort.  It 's got the best feel of any putter I've ever used.

Bill L.

Summerville, SC

Charter Member

Golf Society of the U.S.




Among the bonds shared by Ray Mathews Jr. and his dad, former Pittsburgh Steeler great #25 Ray Mathews, was a love of golf.

All too frequently, when Ray's dad would invite him to play golf, Ray Jr. would have to turn down the offer because he had too much glass work left to do.  One night, Ray Sr. exclaimed: "Too bad you can't make golf clubs out of glass!" Ray Jr. hung up the phone and thought, "Well, why not?"

Within several days, Ray Jr. had designed and crafted the world's first glass putter and presented it to his Dad.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Ray Mathews Sr. 

Halfback | End | Wide Receiver

Pittsburgh Steelers (1951-1959)



Hand blown art glass by Ray Mathews Jr. is on display in some of the finest galleries and art exhibits in the world.