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Product Details
  • Our patented GlassPutters are functional works of art that every golfer will want to add to his or her collection.

  • Each GlassPutter is hand crafted to order, signed by the artist and is a true original!

  • To ensure continued satisfaction with your GlassPutter, you must use the cushioned head cover that comes with it.    

  • All GlassPutters conform to U.S. Golf Association (USGA) rules.

  • Every GlassPutter is truly unique and one-of-a-kind ... a highly collectible gift for every golfer.  

  • GlassPutters make excellent executive or corporate gifts for special events or golf outings. For orders of 10 or more, please contact us for special pricing.

  • If you are unsure of someone's criteria for a GlassPutter (ie., shaft length, right or left-handed, etc.), gift certificates are also available for purchase

  • Shipping on all orders to U.S. addresses is free.

Glass Putter Specifications
  • SHAFT LENGTH: Each GlassPutter can be custom sized from 33" - 37." Standard lengths are 34" for women and 35" for men. When ordering, please be sure to select correct shaft length size. 

  • PUTTER HEAD: Approximately 340 grams on the face edge, balanced with a 5 degree loft (mallet and blade styles). 

  • SHAFT MATERIAL:  True Temper 90 degree single-bend True Temper shaft

  • LEFT-HANDED PUTTERS: We do make left-handed putters in the mallet style.

  • GRIP: U.S. made pistol-style grip.

  • CUSHIONED HEAD COVER: Each GlassPutter ships with a cushioned head cover to protect from scratches or nicks. Using these head covers will help ensure your continued satisfaction with our products.

  • COLORS & STYLES: Our GlassPutters come in a number of colors and styles to choose from. 



Head Cover

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